• Glass Options
    New Pheasant Glass Option $50.00

    Fits cabinet Model :#358, #808, #1119, #408, #908, #1358, #1608, #1612, This glass is not one of our standard sizes so we have to make a special door to fit the glass onto our cabinets.   Here is a #358 Solid Pine in Cherry Finish with the Pheasant Glass.#358 w/ Custom Pheasant Silkscreen $569 delivered fully assembled 1-800-543-5390.   Note this is an acid etch cannot be removed. 

    11.25" x 15 1/8" Die Cut Oval Decal printed on clear polyester with a special
    Repositionable Ultra Clear adhesive. 

    Replace the existing scene or add a new scene on you glass door with an easy to apply decal.  Instructions are included for removing existing art work, if any, and applying your new decal.  We can now place your decal on selected gun cabinets for $35.00.  If we ship separately by mail the decal charge is $15.00.  To Add this decal option to a gun cabinet purchase just use Item #900 and add $35.00 in the online order form.  Or just ask to add the Mallard Duck decal when you call to place your order 1-800-543-5390.

    Glass Change / Silk-screens
    The silkscreen is very durable. One can use non-ammonia window cleaner or a clean damp rag on the artwork which is always on the inside of the door.  However we advise you not to soak the inside artwork or to allow the cleaner to sit on the glass for long periods as it may weaken the bond. 

    We can change the glass in your cabinet to a different silk screen or plain tempered glass for $35.00.  This adds at least three business days to your shipping time.  The cabinet are stored in a warehouse seven miles from the factory.   The reason for the charge is the cabinets are returned to the factory opened, the glass changed, , inspected and re-boxed and finally shipped.  We switch the glass etch off one cabinet to another as long as the glass sizes are the same.   The door sizes are standardizes so usually you can have the glass off one eight gun cabinet installed on another eight gun cabinet. 

    Model #358 with Duck Decal


    Decal Application Instructions: To properly install your decal wet the outside of the glass down with blue glass cleaner or tap water.  Wetting the glass thoroughly will allow you to reposition the decal to its final spot where it will dry permanently in place.  Lay the decal FACEDOWN and Slowly remove backing paper at a 180 degree angle.  While the glass is still clean and damp apply the decal to the glass.  Once the decal is applied position it where you want it, then use an object with a hard flat edge to work the air and water from the center of the decal outward.  Allow to dry 24 hours then if required clean the glass surrounding the decal.  Remove any bubbles by puncturing them with a sharp needle then lightly pressing the area to remove trapped air.  Store decals at room temperature away from any heat source.  Apply decals to surfaces with a temperature above 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Old silkscreen removal instructions: If your Scout Products cabinet came with artwork from the factory it is silk-screened on the inside of the glass.  For removal you will need a single edge razor designed for scraping and soapy water, the scraper can be found at your local hardware store.  We also recommend a protective gloves and eye ware to prevent accidents.  Without dripping water on the wood, wet the silk-screen down.  Wait about two minutes then use the razor to scrape the ink off the inside of the glass.   Because the glass is tempered you will not scratch it with the razor.  Keep scraping  and re-wetting as necessary until the ink is completely removed. 


    If these decals are successful we will eventually make more wildlife scenes available.